ULTERIOR is the future of our viticulture in Castile-La Mancha. This is a journey into the unknown, departing from our deep knowledge and love towards this LAND.
It is Verum’s answer to climate change, using grape types which ensure that we can convey our PHILOSOPHY for years on. This answers, though respectful with our origin, the necessity to discover new lands…




Project ULTERIOR began in 2007 as a travel back in time, recovering legacy grape varieties so as to prepare the future of quality wines in La Mancha.
At the end of the past century, a research team from IVICAM (Castile-La Mancha institute for the grape and wine), searched the region in order to create a catalogue of near extinct endemic grape types. Some of those varieties were planted in small experimental plots to study the resulting wine.
Bodegas Verum decided to plant in a historical plot of land several of those grape types and also introduce other Spanish grape varieties, taking into account some factors, such as the pH and adaptability to the terroir. As an ancestral witness of the land, there is one of the largest remaining “bombos” (old construction made out of stones, unique to Tomelloso).
Ulterior is the adjective we use to describe something which is further away from a place or land. ULTERIOR is the realization of a forward looking project, a way of anticipating climate change using adaptable varieties which produce wines that are able of communicating the philosophy, the terroir and our origins. Vineyards demand unending work: sowing of the vegetation cover in January, pruning time in February and March. At the end of April when the vines are sprouting, the vegetation cover is assimilated in the ground. At the end of May, the vines are trimmed and mid-July just before veraison, green harvest. From mid august to mid October, it is the harvest of the different varieties. By November, we employ organic fertilizer by sectors in Finca el Romeral.