VERUM by verum

VERUM by Verum
With his southern hemisphere winemaking experience (South Africa), Elías López Montero keeps looking for new challenges, which in turn sometimes find you. Due to climate change everyone is looking north, but thanks to Elias’ experience, he looked southward to Patagonia, the most southern wine region of the planet. There he found the right vineyard and winery to give shape to the project VERUM by Verum.
The collaboration agreement between López Montero and del Río Elorza families to give birth to VERUM by Verum project came to easily.
Elías signed his first wine: MARÍA VICTORIA MALBEC 100% from the equally named state, other projects will follow after.




A valley surrounded by deserted lands and irrigated by water flowing from the Andes. Shallow clay loam allows the vines to grow safely.
Slow and long maturation thanks to cold winters and dry summers with high temperature range, achieves a balanced sugar and acidity. The scarce rain, access to water for irrigation and constant winds helps the sustainable viticulture, without the need for agricultural chemicals.
In the region of Río Negro one can do a tour of the local wineries. In Alto Valle de Río Negro, where the biggest river in Patagonia is born, the combination of centuries old winemaking tradition and exceptional natural conditions allow the making of top range wines.
Bodega Del Río Elorza is a boutique winery created to make top range wines with their own state grapes, focusing on vine growing and developing techniques designed to make the most of the grape varietals adapted to the Patagonia terroir. This is an avant-garde winery, equipped with stainless steel and concrete tanks with temperature control. French and American oak barrels are also available to the team of viticulture and oenology professional led by Elías López Montero