The Land

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“The best wine is found in the best vineyard”
It is grapes that determine the splendor of the wines from Bodegas y Viñedos Verum. These wines come from the land of La Mancha and are elaborated with man’s efforts, its climate and the land. The vineyards owned by the López-Montero family spread across 250 hectares approximately, of which about 45 –distributed in four estates- are destined to the production of the Verum wine range.
Tomelloso is located in the Castilian plateau of the Iberian Peninsula, at an altitude of 650 meters. Its climate, with scarce rainfall not exceeding 250 mm per square meter per year and abundant sunshine, together with its calcareous soil, makes it an ideal place to cultivate grapevines. Thanks to these optimal conditions, at Verum we have successfully implemented organic cultivation for all our grape varieties.