est. 1788



Verum winery and vineyards are located in Tomelloso, a town in La Mancha ‒the largest wine-producing region in the world. Wine-culture tradition permeates everyday life and the customs of this town since its development was driven by wine making and distilling. As a result, the town ranks now among the top wine-making places in the world.
At Verum we have always been convinced that wine is actually made in the vineyard and this conviction governs our winery. Indeed, our wines acquire their very essence from our vine stocks ‒many of which are over 50 years old.

“Our wines acquire their very essence from our vine stocks ‒many of which are over 50 years old”



Verum means the truth of the land, family and wine

We understand wine as a true reflection of our region and family history. The goal of our daily work is very clear; to strive for wine quality while remaining faithful to our principles, our land and our history. Some of our wines are more classical, others are more groundbreaking, but they all have character.
Verum means “truthful” in Latin. This is precisely what we seek to convey through our wines:

The truth of our land. Recovering the best land and vineyards to make our wines.

The truth of our family. Learning from our ancestors, who already cultivated this land.

The truth of our wines. A true reflection of our region and family history.

“Verum means ‘truthful’ in Latin. This is precisely what we seek to convey through our wines”



“Passion for wine gave birth to this winery. And the passion is ever growing”

The origins of the López-Montero family in wine-making and distilling date back to 1788. It was then when the first of their wineries in Tomelloso was registered, which is still on the records at the local archives of the town. In 1963 Juan Antonio López Ramírez and María Victoria Montero established Altosa, a winery and distillery that continues to make and market wines and distilled spirits.
Already in 2005 María Victoria, with her daughter, María Belén, and her sons, Juan Antonio, Pedro José and Elías, created Bodegas y Viñedos Verum. The brand encompasses the wines of the López-Montero family from the best vineyards and terroirs in their property.
Barry Lawson
Wine Club Manager
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Symphonic Verum

“As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Bodegas y Viñedos Verum sponsors the Verum Symphonic Orchestra”

This cultural project was developed to advance a regional orchestra that would host musicians from La Mancha lacking a steady group. With an inexhaustible source of regional music talents, Verum Symphonic Orchestra has exceeded by far its initial aim and is currently considered one of the major orchestras at national level.
Verum Symphonic Orchestra is the most visible part of Verum’s commitment to support culture, which is not limited to music and includes photography, painting, literature and sculpture too. Its focus is placed on initiatives from Tomelloso, a fertile land for both grapevine and culture.