• The prestigious DECANTER publishes an article signed by Dirceu Vianna Junior MW with the wine trends for 2021, highlighting the ULTERIOR project by Bodegas Verum and the wine Las Tinada Airén Pie Franco in Spain

Bodegas Verum begins 2021 setting a trend with its wines at an international level, as highlighted by the DECANTER publication, being the only winery in the country to appear in this ranking.

Under the title: “Top wine trends form 2021: countries, varieties and styles worth exploring”, the master of wine discovers the 10 wine trends for 2021, countries, varieties and styles of wine that must be known to see how the market and global viticulture evolve from the perspective of quality.

South America, Croatia, Austrian reds, Slovenian whites, Creole grapes or the plantings of the Albariño variety in countries such as Chile, South Africa, Brazil or Australia (among others). Orange wines or low alcohol wines. In short, countries, varieties and styles worth exploring to see where the markets and consumer tastes are heading.

About Spain he talks about how the perceptions of our wines are changing, from traditional Riojas or prestige Cavas to emerging regions. The large number of producers and exciting varieties to discover stand out, emphasizing the terroir. At this point, he remarks the ULTERIOR project masterminded for Verum by Elías López Montero and his brothers to battle against the effects of climate change in La Mancha region. This Project helped them change the perception that this region has to be dismissed for its hot and dry climate: high quality wines can be produced.

To achieve this, Elías works with varieties such as Tinto Velasco, Malvasia de Sitges, Moravia Agria, Albillo Real and Albillo Mayor, among others, with which he crafts terroir-driven wines that stand out for their freshness. It also stands out, like other great world prescribers do, the LAS TINADAS project with which “textual words” challenges the belief that Airén, one of the world´s most widely planted varieties with dubious quality credentials, is capable of producing high quality wines.

Verum Las Tinadas Airén is recommended in its TOP 10 wine trends to buy in 2021, and awards 92 points to this unique and exclusive white wine with this tasting comments: “This wine shows what this humble grape can achieve. Aromas of honeysuckle, fresh dough and lemon skin. The savoury fresh palate beautifully textured, the result of long ageing in old clay amphoras”.

Elías López Montero, winemaker at the winery, highlights the importance of talking about a wine from Castilla-La Mancha as a world trend, alongside others from such exciting areas such as the Douro Valley (Portugal), Croatia, Slovenia, Itata Valley (Chile) or Austria among others.

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