• Two of its white wines stand out: Ulterior parcelas 7 y 9 Albillo Real and Verum Las TinadAs Airén de Pie Franco.

Once again, the social media of the most prestigious wine prescribers have served as a platform to value the work that Elías López Montero, winemaker and co-owner together with his brothers of Bodegas Verum in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real).

The Master of Wine Tim Atkins praises the work that Elías is doing in La Mancha also by mentioning his excellent work in Patagonia Argentina.  He specifically referenced two white wines from La Mancha: Verum Las Tinadas Airén de Pie Franco 2018 and Ulterior parcelas 7 y 9 Albillo Real 2016; the latter was highighted as “wine of the week” on his website, one of the wine specialized sites most visited on the international scene.

Differentiation inside the territory

(he was not familiar with the magic that is working in La Mancha); with this phrase, Tim Atkin “endorses” the work of Elías in the region of La Mancha, province of Ciudad Real, a region Tim points out that it is “known for its bulk wine instead of wines like this.”

This is precisely the philosophy that drives the winemaker, to make the best out of the land and show that other wines are possible. The Airén variety, specifically from their Las Tinadas estate and planted in 1950, was already appreciated by his grandfather who said it was the best airén he had ever grown.

With respect to the Albillo Real variety from Ulterior, it comes from another ancient estate: El Romeral, to what  the hundred-year-old “Bombos”, a typical Tomelloso rural building that served to protect farmers, animals, and work tools, bear witness,. Revitalised autochthonous varieties such as Albillo Real, Tinto Velasco or Moravia Agria have been planted there along with other national varieties such as Graciano, Mazuelo or Malvasía.

Both wines come from organic viticulture, they have in common the aging in clay anphoras of 4500 liters with more than 80 years of age, witness to the legacy of the López Montero family who is linked to local viticulture since 1788.

Tim Atkin Master of Wine is of British origin. Award-winning journalist who has developed his professional career as a wine critic and judge in international competitions.

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