Impressions of our winemaker Elias Lopez Montero about the vintage 2016

I do not like to make  conclusions prematurely, my short experience taught me how useless it is and, when I ever dared to, I was always wrong … I  never liked to play pretending to be a soothsayer so, if I am ever asked for an advanced report about the harvest 2016 , I try to be extremely cautious. Could anybody by any chance imagine these temperatures in early September? A winemaker and good friend of mine says the conventional patterns do no longer exist in wine universe.

El inicio de la vendimia está siendo extremadamente caluroso

Thus, we wake up in Sept.  7th with such a heatwave that the chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs (in original: “con una ola de calor de las de órdago a grande, a pares y juego… y quién conozca este juego que levante la mano”, in reference to the Spanish card game Mus)…and whoever expected  this, please, raise your hand. The harvest is great so far but certainly these temperatures will mark the future wines.

Nevertheless, do not panic; in wine business, we all tend to demonize the heat and, to tell the truth, some varietals will take it for good as the content of malic acid is high and this could certainly be a critical point or, at least, a risk likely to be monitored when the phenolic maturity is approaching. Such heat will reduce that content to a more appropriate level.

Furthermore, the sanitary state is excellent, the rain during the unusually wet Spring, that´s all we need…,  has given the plants the suitable strength to protect the fruit from excessive solar radiation which also minimized the need for external water.

Elías en la mesa de selección

To this day, Sauvignon blanc, Gewürztraminer and Chardonnay are already in the winery and merlot is entering too so we may assure the musts are really outstanding despite the fact that the  sugar content this year is higher than desired; this way, we might have more warmth in the final wines and a good integration of the alcohol will be the “hot” issue, never said better, this harvest.

In Verum we promise to keep surprising you and, if last year was the Malvasia which concentrated our efforts to innovate, for  this year we are preparing a small revolution in a risky way by facing the creation of more remarkable wines with a radical and different style. Why? Well, as Radio Futura ( Spanish pop band from the 80s) sang : “the taste of dark grape … I liked the blonde too”. But, please, allow me to keep the cat in the bag for a while  … Let’s stay in the good path and feel the soil under our feet.

Happy Harvest, my friends!

Elías dando instrucciones al capataz de la viña

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