• Bodegas y Viñedos has created a range of candles with aromas of three of its wines: Verum Malvasía, Verum Merlot Selección and Gran Cueva Brut Nature Chardonnay.
  • The Winemaker, Elías López Montero has joined a team of perfumers in the creative process of the aromas to match his wines.

Bodegas y Viñedos Verum has created a range of candles with aromas of three of its wines: Malvasia, Merlot and Great Cueva Brut Nature Chardonnay. This complex creative process required the winemaker of the winery Elías López Montero to join a team of perfumers to obtain the aromas that clearly remember his creations. Now the aromas of wine are no longer those of the glass and will créate an atmosphere for all lovers of wine, a new way of dressing the home with the aroma of the best wines

For the creation of the candles, the aromatic compounds of each of the wines were analysed to reproduce them later. Each wine is unique and it is very difficult to reproduce its aromas in the laboratory, which is why the winemaker’s sense of smell was vital to synthesize the aromas and focus on the most representative ones, so any Verum customer will recognize the aromas in the candles and, on the other hand, any wine lover will identify the varietal aromas they offer.

The candle that reproduces the wine Malvasía de Verum recalls soft and floral aromas with roses mixed with fruity and sweet hints like pear in a  spicy pepper background.

The candle that reproduces the wine Merlot Selección remembers wine and fruity aromas with notes of red fruits and floral hints of violets with a final touch of sweetness that reminds the spicy notes of cinnamon.

The greatest challenge was the aroma of Gran Cueva Brut Nature Chardonnay which reminds us of a delicious aroma of sweet cream toast with  citric and floral notes and a touch of powdered chocolate.

The candles are presented in 240 ml glasses, each one in an box and have a duration of 48 hours.

They can be purchased in the online store of the winery and in specialized wine and decoration shops.

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