Verum Las Tinadas Airén de pie franco 2021 has been made by means of a pioneering technolopgy that allows us to capture the CO2 from fermentation.

The Family López Montero, owner of Altosa and Bodegas Verum, has always been committed to the environment, being among the largest producers of Organic grapes in the world.

After several years of research in a Project that has brought together the López Montero family, owners of ALTOSA and BODEGAS VERUM, with the University of Castilla-la Mancha, the CO2AFP technology that captures CO2 from wine fermentation is now a reality. Verum is releasing the first 8,000 bottles of wine with negative CO2 emissions to the market, the first wine in the world that helps to clean the planet.

This patented technology captures the CO2 emitted in the alcoholic fermentation process of wine and transforms i tinto sodium carbonate, a producto that is among the top 10 most demanded in the industry, with multiple household and even food applications. Being of biogenic origin, it is an environmentally friendly product, and unlike that produced in the chemical industry, its manufacture involves capturing CO2, that is, avoiding greenhouse gas emissions that pollute the atmosphere.

The exothermic nature of the reaction provides an additional benefit to the process as usable energy is generated, which in a second phase of the project will be used as a source of energy in the winery itself, thus reducing energy consumption.

Verum already uses part of the sodium carbonate obtained for the ecological cleaning of its facilities, and within the circular economy strategy, it is working  with glassmakers so that the sodium carbonate can be used in the production  of its own bottles and avoid a significant amount of CO2emissions into the atmosphere.

VERUM is at the forefront of the sector in the fight for net reduction of CO2 emissions, with a disruptive environmental strategy, whose future extensión  to the rest of the wine industry will allow the industry to adapt to the strategy against climate change.


Verum Las Tinadas Airén de Pie Franco comes from the Las Tinadas estate, a vineyard plante dina  “pie franco” system (ungrafted) in 1950. It has always been farmed ecologically and ceritified since 2013.

From the 2021 harvest, 8,000 liters of negative emissions wine were produced with a production of 1,500 kg of sodium carbonate and the removal of 640 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

The 2022 harvest has expanded production to 25,000 liters, and looking towards 2023 and subsequent years, there will be an exponential growth with the transformation of the ALTOSA group´s wineries and the implementation of this system in national and International wineries that have already shown interest in the CO2AFP Project.

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