A gastronomy white wine that reflects  the best of our land.

LA DIVINA vineyard is located on the road from Tomelloso to Campo de Calatrava at 695 m above sea level. The AIRÉN vineyard  was planted at the begining of the second half of the 20th Century, an old rainfed vineyard planted by those who dedicated themselves to the vines as a way of life. It can be assured this estate has been ecological since the very begining due to the type of soil and climate conditions.

The biological cycle of the vine in 2020 was excellent from  the flowering, cluster development, veraison and maturation. One of the virtues of old vines is their perfect adaptation to the soil and climate.

The harvest was manual in 15 kg boxes in the last week of September; in the early morning hours, the cluusters went through the selection table and into the tank for a 2 hours pre-fermentation maceration. Subsequently, the must is devatted (without pressing) and racked to another tank for fermentation at low temperature.

After fermentation, the wine is aged for one month in big clay jars and then 8 months in stainless steel tanks in contact with its lees and without stirring until bottling. This wine had a natural clarification according to the minimal intervention approach. Over time, precipitation and cloudiness might appear, which has no effect on the quality of the wine.



Estate: La Divina

Serving temperature: 7º – 9ºC

Tasting notes: VISUALLY, it is pale lemon yellow coloured with golden reflections..In the NOSE, it is intense, memories of White fruit (apple), subtle banana , balsamic herbs, chamomile and fennel anise merge, all together with mineral and white flowers memories.On the PALATE, it is a wine that needs time to be explored and discovered totally. It is unctuous with structure and a great acidity that leads to an aftertaste full of aromatic herbs, mineral hints, aniseed and citrus. Clean and fragrant, it invites you to keep on drinking.


Food and wine pairing: It is its cleanliness and mineral carácter what makes it ideal for Mediterranean gastronomy. We might match it with cold dishes like cordovan salmorejo or ajoblanco, goat cheese salads with raisins or smoked fish. We may also try with some Cantabrian anchovies and tuna mojama. And last but not least, with fish or even shellfish.


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