The complexity that combines the freshness of the white wine and the structure of the red.

To make Orange wine, grapes must have a good sanitary state and a perfect ripeness. The skins of the White wine grapes will play a major role in the winemaking. ULTERIOR NARANJA has a complex winemaking process. The Moravia Agria is made as white wine (no maceration with skins) and then we blend the must with Albillo Real to macerate with its skins for two months. After the racking and blending, the wine stays four more months in stainless steel vats and six more in old clay jars of 4500 liters.

Elías López Montero, winemaker of Verum wines, has decided the best time for harvesting Albillo Real (white grape) and Moravia Agria (red grape) considering  their acidity and sugar (alcohol) to achieve a fresh and intense wine.

Grape varieties: ALBILLO REAL 85% – MORAVIA AGRIA 15%

Estate: El Romeral

Serving temperature: 7º – 9ºC

Aging: The wine lays down in Verum cave until it is released on the market, which allows us to round it up and reach the market at its optimum time for consumption. From that moment, thanks to its acidity and structure, it will fully develop up to six years after the harvest.

Tasting notes: Orange tones, creamy, dense. On the nose, it is complex, citrus notes of grapefruit and ripe fruit (apple), and a subtle and Sharp touch that reminds of fine lees and flower veil. Also memories of dried flowers, herbs, peaches and ripe melon. They are different aromas from those we can find in other wines and the virtue this wine treasures. On the palate, it is unctuous, fresh with increasing acidity that reaches its maximum expression in the aftertaste together with the ripe fruit character. There is also a subtle hint of nuts.



Orange Wine from  El Romeral Estate


Alcohol: 12,5%

Serving temperature: 7º – 9ºC

IGP. Vino de la tierra de Castilla


Gastronomy: An Orange Wine has structure and acidity and we have achieved a balanced wine that you can enjoy with fatty fish such as cod, salmon and tuna. Also with white meat and poultry.


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