A festival of colour begins in the vineyard: the Envero begins

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The saying goes that by Saint Joaquin and Saint Ana the grapes get coloured; with the sun as a witness, in the second half of July the vineyard is in one of its crucial points, perhaps the most important process after flowering. The berries are green and develop a photosynthetic activity as if they were leaves. Its sugar content is low and acidity is too high, the grain is inedible, precisely because of the high content  of acids.


With veraison process begins the great transformation in the cluster: acids (mainly malic acid, tartaric acid, and a lesser presence of citric acid) are yielding in favor of sugars (fructose and glucose) as a result of photosynthesis and from reserves that were being accumulated in the wood of the plant.  This is one of the reasons that older vineyards have higher quality and more regular maturation within the same plot.


This process not only occurs in the biochemical composition of the fruit, but also it is visible in the visual aspect of the cluster, by causing a color change from green to yellow in white varieties or to the black-bluish color in red varieties.

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Bodegas VERUM will produce the first wine with CO2 negative emissions.

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  • A team of scientists from the UCLM in collaboration with the Premium wines division of ALTOSA Distilleries, Bodegas VERUM, have achieved to produce sodium carbonate by capturing the CO2 from fermentation.
  • This pioneering technology could avoid 3.76% of CO2 emissions in the region, with a significant socio-economic and environmental impact at international level.

A group of scientists from the University of Castilla-La Mancha has worked for three years on the ‘CO2-AFP Strategy’ project in collaboration with the ALTOSA wine division (Alcoholes de Tomelloso, S.A.). Bodegas Verum, Premium wine division, will house the model winery to show this new development to produce sodium carbonate in a sustainable way and eliminating the emissions into the atmosphere, which could make it the first winery with negative emissions of CO2 of the world in the manufacturing process.


Autumn, the starting point.

The 2021 harvest of Bodegas Verum will be the test bench for the elaboration of the first wines with CO2 capture, which will be later completed with the design and execution of the first winery with negative emissions in the world in the fermentation process with the capacity to capture more than 8.5 tons of CO2, while generating more than 20 tons of sodium carbonate in a sustainable way and reducing drastically the carbon footprint and thereby improving the environmental impact of all processes.

According to the group of scientists formed by Santiago García, Carlos Alonso Moreno, Jorge Enrique Zafrilla, Jesús Canales and the engineers Abdessamad Gueddari and María Paz García, together with the management and technical team of ALTOSA-VERUM, the reduction of the carbon footprint would improve the environmental impact of all the processes that are part of the following phases of the value chain.


A project with scientific endorsement.

The purity and yield of the sodium carbonate obtained exceeds 99.95 percent, which is the definitive push for its application on an industrial scale. According to the UCLM, the result is published in the prestigious scientific journal ‘Science of The Total Environment’.

The use of this technology by the main wineries in Castilla-La Mancha would reduce the emission of nearly 500,000 tons of CO2, 3.76 percent of the region’s CO2 emissions. If we extrapolate these data to the international context, the wine sector would be unique for its low emissions, the positive impact of the vineyard on the environment and the drastic reduction of CO2.

The high socioeconomic impact of this Project will contribute to the creation of a new growth vector for the regional economy. It has been in development since 2018 within the Carbon Dioxide Utilization (CDU) strategy.

VERUM is the Premium wine brand of the ALTOSA wine division, which has one of the largest extensions of organic vineyards in the world for its own production of wines, spirits and wine distillates for the production of brandy.

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  • The winemaking in Tomelloso occurred in the more than 2000 winery caves that were pierced by hand by the countrymen under their own houses.


Destiny, fate and some recent works in the heart of Tomelloso have allowed us to open a window to the past and reveal a hole at the bottom of the cave that the house-winery of the López Montero family housed. This family owns Bodegas Verum and ALTOSA distilleries. SA (Alcoholes Tomelloso, S.A.), among the world leaders in wine distillation and brandy aging.


In Calle Mayor 12, today Francisco García Pavón St., is the plot where the house-winery was located and  where it is believed that José López de la Fuente, ancestor of the family, installed the first alembic to distill Tomelloso wine at the end of the XVIII century.


A benchmark in the history of distillate

The city is literally full of cavities underground by the more than 2000 caves that were digged in the 19th and early 20th centuries to house the wine-making and conservation cellars. These caves have not always been preserved like this one. The family wanted to protect the old clay jars still kept deep inside as the most precious legacy of the first wineries that witnessed the prosperity that wine and brandy brought  to the city of Tomelloso and still does.

Pedro José López Montero, CEO of ALTOSA, was present at the works and highlighted the intangible value and heritage of these amphoras, which are part of a key moment in the history of winemaking and distillation in Spain.


Recovery of ancestral varieties and winemaking methods

From the cave that housed the house, 8 large clay amphoras have been extracted in perfect condition and after a careful cleaning process, they will be given a new location by the winemaker Elías López Montero with the aim of using them to make and age wine as part of the project for the recovery of ancestral varieties such as Tinto Velasco.

sacando tinaja de la cueva

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  • The prestigious DECANTER publishes an article signed by Dirceu Vianna Junior MW with the wine trends for 2021, highlighting the ULTERIOR project by Bodegas Verum and the wine Las Tinada Airén Pie Franco in Spain



Bodegas Verum begins 2021 setting a trend with its wines at an international level, as highlighted by the DECANTER publication, being the only winery in the country to appear in this ranking.


Under the title: “Top wine trends form 2021: countries, varieties and styles worth exploring”, the master of wine discovers the 10 wine trends for 2021, countries, varieties and styles of wine that must be known to see how the market and global viticulture evolve from the perspective of quality.


South America, Croatia, Austrian reds, Slovenian whites, Creole grapes or the plantings of the Albariño variety in countries such as Chile, South Africa, Brazil or Australia (among others). Orange wines or low alcohol wines. In short, countries, varieties and styles worth exploring to see where the markets and consumer tastes are heading.


About Spain he talks about how the perceptions of our wines are changing, from traditional Riojas or prestige Cavas to emerging regions. The large number of producers and exciting varieties to discover stand out, emphasizing the terroir. At this point, he remarks the ULTERIOR project masterminded for Verum by Elías López Montero and his brothers to battle against the effects of climate change in La Mancha region. This Project helped them change the perception that this region has to be dismissed for its hot and dry climate: high quality wines can be produced.


To achieve this, Elías works with varieties such as Tinto Velasco, Malvasia de Sitges, Moravia Agria, Albillo Real and Albillo Mayor, among others, with which he crafts terroir-driven wines that stand out for their freshness. It also stands out, like other great world prescribers do, the LAS TINADAS project with which “textual words” challenges the belief that Airén, one of the world´s most widely planted varieties with dubious quality credentials, is capable of producing high quality wines.


Verum Las Tinadas Airén is recommended in its TOP 10 wine trends to buy in 2021, and awards 92 points to this unique and exclusive white wine with this tasting comments: “This wine shows what this humble grape can achieve. Aromas of honeysuckle, fresh dough and lemon skin. The savoury fresh palate beautifully textured, the result of long ageing in old clay amphoras”.


Elías López Montero, winemaker at the winery, highlights the importance of talking about a wine from Castilla-La Mancha as a world trend, alongside others from such exciting areas such as the Douro Valley (Portugal), Croatia, Slovenia, Itata Valley (Chile) or Austria among others.

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  • Pedro Ballesteros, Jancis Robinson, Tim Atkins and Luis Gutiérrez (Robert Parker) have valued the commitment to dignify the AIRÉN variety and recover ancestral varieties, as well as the main Spanish prescribers such as María José Huertas, Amaya Cervera or Ferrán Centelles, among others.
  • Elías López Montero, winemaker and member of the owner family, has 26 vintages at the age of 41, a young soul with a senior experience.


Bodegas y Viñedos VERUM closes its 15th harvest season with the 92 points awarded by Robert Parker to Las Tinada airén de pie franco 2019, one of the most highly rated white wines of the region in the history of the prestigious The Wine Advocate.


Luis Gutiérrez, “Parker man” in Spain, valued Ulterior wines and the aforementioned white Las Tinada to which he dedicated one of the best adjectives a wine can receive: “Exciting”.


The Financial Times once again recommended Las Tinada Airén 2019 as the best example of the quality that the Airén variety can provide, the fourth most planted grape variety in the world exceeding 200,000 hectares, an article signed by Jancis Robinson who has declared his preference for this wine she has said it is “the best airén I’ve ever tasted” and a Spanish example of minerality. She has also declared that it is already part of his “cult wines”. Ferrán Centelles published the first monograph of a winery from Castilla-La Mancha on the prestigious website


Back in 2018 Decanter magazine published an article signed by Pedro Ballesteros MW and declared Elías one of the 10 young winemakers called to change the wine sector in Spain, when Ulterior and Las Tinada wines were not yet on the market, so Pedro already recognized the work of Elías to date, anticipating the successes recorded in the last two years.


Another Master of Wine: Tim Atkins, has highlighted the white wines of Verum, Ulterior Albillo Real and Las Tinadas, and especially the commitment to the recovery of clay jars of almost 100 years for aging wine. The English critic has already awarded 94 points to María Victoria 2017, the second vintage of the wine made by Elías in La Patagonia Argentina, and was surprised by what he was achieving in La Mancha.


The Japanese magazine Wine-What !? rated María Victoria de Verum as excellent and the French Gilbert & Gaillard dedicated an article to Verum. Also Instyle magazine from Mexico highlighted Verum Tosca, one of the winery’s iconic wines.


These international distinctions join prestigious Spanish critics such as Amaya Cervera (blog Spanishwinelovers) María José Huertas (La Vanguardia), Ferrán Centelles, Federico Oldemburg, Raquel Pardo, Andrés Sanchez Magro (La Razón), Juan Fernández Cuesta (ABC), Series (expansion), magazine Tapas, Vinos y Restaurantes, MiVino or Joaquín Parra from Wine Up! among many, as well as countless bloggers who have dedicated articles and mentions to our wines.


Flying the flag for the wine region in the homeland itself


Elías, Belén, Juan Antonio and Pedro José, the four brothers who own Bodegas y Viñedos Verum were convinced of the quality that the old vineyards inherited from their grandparents and parents treasure, as well as the commitment to the future they made with the El Romeral estate planting recovered varieties such as Albillo Real or Tinto Velasco and the introduction of other national varieties such as Malvasía, Graciano, Mazuelo or Garnacha.


With Verum they are leading the revolution of quality wines in Castilla-La Mancha and they are doing it from a region international critics had never paid close and positive attention to; they have also done it with native varieties such as Airén or Tinto Velasco but also with foreign ones such as Merlot or Malvasía.


Elías López Montero accumulates 26 harvests at the age of 41, a young, innovative spirit with the expertise of a senior. In his travels he has traveled and studied the most important wine regions of the world, from California to New Zealand. From the very beginning his concern to accumulate experiences and knowledge has led him to work in areas as remote as South Africa (2004) and Patagonia Argentina, where he has led the Verum by Verum project since 2016.


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  • English wine writer Jancis Robinson has published an article in FINANCIAL TIMES highlighting her cult wines of the future. She replicated the article on its website, one of the most consulted in the world.
  • This single-varietal airén comes from the “Las Tinadas” estate, an organic farming vineyard with vines planted in “pie franco” (ungrafted vines) system in 1950.


Verum Las Tinadas airén Pie franco is once again attracting the attention of specialized critics. In this case it is the Financial Times with an article by Jancis Robinson about his cult wines of the future in which she nominates  this wine from a Tomelloso winery along with two more from Jerez and four international ones.


Specialized critics and sommelier professionals are highlighting this  wine of the AIRÉN variety and Verum, who prove that with old vines, a good interpretation of the land and a careful vinification, great white wines can be made.


The grapes come from the “Las Tinadas” estate, a 4-hectare plot planted in 1950, planted in “pie franco” (ungrafted vines) system. Since 2013, the vineyard is organic. The grapes go through a sorting table and after fermentation at low temperature in stainless steel tanks, they age for 4 months in 5000-liter clay anphoras (“Tinajas”) and then 8 months more in stainless steel tanks. Native yeasts chosen in the vineyard itself and reproduced in the laboratory are used for fermentation; Verum owns the exclusivity of this yeast.


When talking about Airén, we are probably talking about the variety that has been traditionally scorned by  criticism in the history of wine, which is why Bodegas Verum is especially proud to show how great white wines can be made in Castilla-La Mancha with its most important native grape  and pave the way for other wineries to cast aside their complexes with the most widely planted white grape variety for winemaking in the world, which is found almost exclusively in La Mancha region.


In addition to the recovery and revitalisation of minority native grape varieties of the ULTERIOR range, this airén is Elías López Montero´s bet  (one of the 10 oenologists called to change wine in Spain by DECANTER in its March 2018 issue) to promote the uniqueness of the Airén variety and its varietal expression in a historical vineyard.


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  • Verum oenologist Elías Lopez Montero’s Graciano, single variety, has earnt the highest score for this grape in Decanter Awards, moreover, it has become the highest score ever achieved by a wine from Castilla – La Mancha.
  • Amid organic wines, it ranks amongst top three wines in Spain and one of the 50 world best.


ulterior-parcela-17-brUlterior Parcela 17 Graciano 2016 by Verum, with 95 points, has earnt a Gold Medal in Decanter Wine Awards, one of the most challenging and prestigious contests in the world.


No other wine from Castilla – La Mancha had ever scored such a high mark in the contest history, which marks a milestone in our region. With 95 points, it ranks among the top three wines in Spain and 50 in the world, in the organic certified category.


Out of the 16 Decanter Awards editions that has taken place, only once has a Graciano wine ever achieved 95 points, and it was from La Rioja, the area where the variety has it origins. This is the reason why Ulterior Parcela 17 Graciano 2016 marks the way for a better-defined style, refusing the oak barrel and concentrating their varietal character thanks to the clay amphora. This medal adds to another gold medal granted by Mundus Vini last march.


ULTERIOR wine range begins to make history in Castilla – La Mancha and in Spain, 5 single varieties carefully chosen thanks to their ability to adapt to harsh climate conditions: endemic grapes such as Albillo Real and Tinto Velasco and foreign varieties like Garnacha, Mazuelo and Graciano, all of them organically grown in Romeral estate, where López Montero family wanted recover long forgotten varieties, and introduce the ones that showed a promising future in our region.


This acknowledgment in a way is a seal of approval for Elías’ vision of minimum intervention organic wines, unfiltered and respectful towards the vineyard natural quality, all without losing elegance and character. Elías along with his siblings, with Bodegas Verum and Ulterior wanted to go beyond, taking risks when no other would. Today, they achieve international recognition for bringing us the wines of the future, in every day’s land.


Finca El Romeral de Bodegas y Viñedos VERUM

Finca El Romeral de Bodegas y Viñedos VERUM

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  • Bodegas Verum will represent the wines of Castilla-La Mancha at the welcome dinner of the 9th Master of Wine International Symposium held in Rioja from June 14 to 17 under the title “living wine”.

From 14 to 17 June, Spain will attract International wine audiences to host the 9th International Symposium of Masters of Wine, an event that takes place every 4 years being the first time that comes to our country.

The city of Logroño will host this Symposium, which is organised by the Institute of Master of Wine since 1982 and this time will be co-sponsored by The Foundation for the Culture of Wine (La Fundación para la Cultura del Vino, FCV).

One of the most important activities is the welcome dinner that will take place on June 14 in the Bullring of Logroño where Bodegas Verum will represent Castilla-La Mancha as the only winery with its own table next to other major wineries in the main areas of Spanish production except Rioja, which will not be represented in the venue.

The Symposium will be a networking-enabling and wine knowledge enhancing learning event, a unique opportunity in the wine Business. It will bring together more than 400 attendees from 35 countries and, among them, more than 100 Masters of Wine that will have the opportunity to see firsthand the wines of our country through the various activities prepared for the occasion.

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  • International Wine and Spirit Competition is one of the most relevant and demanding competitions in the world for distilled, fortified and still wines.
  • The whole range of Verum distillates have been awarded, adding another 4 medals to the still wines awarded in 2017 for a total of 20 medals in the last 4 years.


Bodegas y Viñedos Verum is one of the most awarded wineries in Spain in the International Wine and Spirit Competition, one of the most demanding wines and distillates contests in the world. Last June, we got 4 medals and now its 4 single varietal distillates add 4 more           medals to be the only winery in Spain awarded  in the category “grape spirits”.


From 2013 we have been awarded 20 medals, an achievement few wineries in Spain can show bearing in mind it has been  in two different categories.



Three silver medals for Gewürztráminer grape spirit (the most awarded in the world in its category), Sauvignon Blanc grape spirit and Airén grape spirit with herbs and bronze Tempranillo Roble spirit.


Bodegas y Viñedos Verum focus on the work in the terroir and the experience in growing native and foreign varieties with vineyards up to 60 years old, and all the production with certified organic farming since 2013.


It is not easy to be outstanding in such a demanding contest and specially in two categories such as still and distilled wines. All the work is based on the viticulture and the expertise of our winemaker, Elías López Montero which makes him one of the most awarded winemakers in Spain nowadays.



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  • A new gold at the Séletions Mondiales des Vins competition in Canada joins The Tempranillos del Mundo, the International Wine and Spirit Competition and Mundus Vini awards.
  • Verum Roble 2013 has also been awarded with silver medal in addition to the one obtained at International Wine And Spirit Competition, mention commended in Decanter 2016 and Gold at CINVE 2017.


verum-tempranilloCanada is one of the most demanding markets in the world for wine. the Sélections Mondiales des Vins competition is held annually in Canada, also known by the rigorousness of international judges. It is the largest and most important wine contest in North America.


In this edition Bodegas y Viñedos Verum has won two medals: one gold for Verum V Tempranillo Reserva Familiar 2010 and one silver for Verum Roble 2013, both wines treasure awards from different international competitions such as Tempranillos del Mundo, International Wine And Spirit Competition , Mundus Vini, CINVE or Decanter as well as excellent ratings in national and international guides.


The current vintage of Verum V Tempranillo Reserva Familiar  has  a total  5 gold and 3 silver medals in prestigious international competitions, which added to the awards of the 2009 vintage accumulate more than 22 awards between medals and ratings in guides with more than 90 points .


verum-robleOn the other hand Verum Roble 2013 accumulates a Gold, a silver and a bronze medal, apart from  the 9th position among the top 100 at Prowein 2016.


Elías López Montero, one of the most awarded young winemakers in Spain, is very focused on his work on the vineyard and the cultivation experience together with his vision and work methodology. In his own words, when a wine is so highly awarded year after year that means the evolution is outstanding in it. In Verum we make long-lasting wines with a  remarkable aging in the bottle.


Sometimes, it is forgotten that a good evolution in the bottle is so important and, for some types of wines, a synonym for quality.


The meaning of Verum is “the true” and that is the goal, to show the quality. 100% of our vineyards have been certified as organic since the harvest 2013.

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  • Silver medal in the Sauvignon du Monde competition held in Bordeaux.


Verum Cuvée 1222 Sauvignon Blanc Fermented and aged in barrel 2014 is the only organic wine from Spain to obtain a medal in the prestigious Sauvignon du Monde competition where the best Sauvignon Blanc wines from the world were competing.


860 samples from most of the wine producing countries have undergone blind tasting by the 65 judges during the days 3 and 4 of March in Bordeaux. Among them, only 18 Spanish wines have been awarded: 11 with a gold medal and 7 with a silver medal.


The exceptional nature of the Sauvignon Blanc grape, both on the nose and on the palate, makes it one of the most appreciated grape varieties by consumers and thanks to its perfect adaptation to different climates,it may be found in both hemispheres being one of the most widely planted white varieties.


Verum Cuvée 1222 is a 100% Sauvignon Blanc wine from a specific plot of the vineyard Casa Ramiro, a estate whose poor and shallow soils are very rich in limestone. It is harvested by hand using boxes during the first hours of the day, then clusters and berries are selected to ferment directly into French oak barrels where they will stay for 4 months in contact with fine lees. Afterwards, it will rest at least one year in the bottle until it reaches the market.


Since 2013, all the vineyards of Bodegas y Viñedos Verum hold the  “organic” certificate, which is internationally known. Sustainable vineyards, low production where no fertilizer or non natural product is used to preserve the mucrobial flora of the soil and respect the environment.


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  • Bodegas y Viñedos VERUM has hosted the IV Contest Best Sommelier of Castilla-La Mancha
  • Sommelier Valentín Checa has passed the test for the third consecutive year, something just a few sommeliers have achieved in other regions
  • The 1st and 2nd place qualify for the national final held in Madrid next April


Ramón Sánchez, president of the Association of Sommeliers and Friends of Wine in Castilla La Mancha, opened the day that took place at the premises of Bodegas y Viñedos Verum de Tomelloso on Monday March 13th: “a day to celebrate for sommeliers and wine professionals”.


14 sommeliers underwent a demanding theoretical test and blind tasting to select  the 3 finalists: Valentín Checa, who is currently working in the Ormer Mayfair restaurant in London. Jose Carlos Rodriguez Maroto, from El patio Chato Grato in Valdepeñas and David Alcántara from Oliva Garden restaurant in Jaén.


According to the jury, the winner was Valentín Checa, who gets the trophy for the third consecutive year and together with José Carlos Rodríguez will represent Castilla-La Mancha in the national final to be held in Madrid next April.


The members of the jury were  Custodio López Zamarra, Rafael Bellido, Sergio Castillo and Marilú de Torres who had the responsibility of evaluating the finalists’ tests: the service of the sparkling Gran Cueva, the foodpairing, proposing different wines and the most visual one, that is, decanting and service of the red Verum Coupage.


While the written test was being carried out, members of the sommelier association and the jury toured the winery and underground cellar where they were pleased to taste a brandy distilled in 1912. Contestants also made the visit and signed a Barrel on the occasion of the contest.


Elías López Montero, winemaker of the winery, remarked the importance of sommeliers in the sector as the necessary link between the producer and the final customer to the point of becoming opinion leaders of the good wines from Spain. He also put in value the professional service in restaurants and the firm commitment of Verum to support these professionals.

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  • Verum V Tempranillo Reserva de Familia 2010, got a new gold medal at the prestigious Mundus Vini competition.
  • CINVE 2017 has awarded two gold medals to Verum Roble 2013 and Verum Gewürztraminer grape spirit.



March 2017. Bodegas y Viñedos Verum welcomes the month of March being awarded new and important recognitions to its wines and distillates in international competitions.


Verum V Tempranillo Reserva Familiar 2010 adds a new gold medal to its record in the Mundus Vini 2017 contest, one of the most prestigious in the world, with more than 6200 wines from 150 wine regions of the world that are exposed to a jury of More than 200 international experts from 44 countries. This vintage already got a  gold medal in the Tempranillos Al Mundo contest 2015 and 2016. The 2009 harvest treasures more than 10 gold, silver medals and the highest commendations in international competitions and guides.


Two more items have been awarded a gold medal at the CINVE International Wine and Spirits Competition held from the 10th to the 13th of February in Huelva. Verum Roble 2013 a red wine with a 6 months aging in French oak barrels and made with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo and Verum Grape Spirit Gewürztraminer adds a new gold medal to its successful history and so ratifying itself as the best distillate in the world in its category with a score of two tens of silver, gold and great gold medals in international competitions.


For Verum winemaker, Elías López Montero, these awards endorse the work the team has been doing since the foundation of the winery, a project based on the vineyard and respect for what comes from it: a meticulous process of selecting the best bunches of grapes and then sorting grapes from organic viticulture.


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  • Bodegas y Viñedos has created a range of candles with aromas of three of its wines: Verum Malvasía, Verum Merlot Selección and Gran Cueva Brut Nature Chardonnay.
  • The Winemaker, Elías López Montero has joined a team of perfumers in the creative process of the aromas to match his wines.



Bodegas y Viñedos Verum has created a range of candles with aromas of three of its wines: Malvasia, Merlot and Great Cueva Brut Nature Chardonnay. This complex creative process required the winemaker of the winery Elías López Montero to join a team of perfumers to obtain the aromas that clearly remember his creations. Now the aromas of wine are no longer those of the glass and will créate an atmosphere for all lovers of wine, a new way of dressing the home with the aroma of the best wines


For the creation of the candles, the aromatic compounds of each of the wines were analysed to reproduce them later. Each wine is unique and it is very difficult to reproduce its aromas in the laboratory, which is why the winemaker’s sense of smell was vital to synthesize the aromas and focus on the most representative ones, so any Verum customer will recognize the aromas in the candles and, on the other hand, any wine lover will identify the varietal aromas they offer.


The candle that reproduces the wine Malvasía de Verum recalls soft and floral aromas with roses mixed with fruity and sweet hints like pear in a  spicy pepper background.


The candle that reproduces the wine Merlot Selección remembers wine and fruity aromas with notes of red fruits and floral hints of violets with a final touch of sweetness that reminds the spicy notes of cinnamon.


The greatest challenge was the aroma of Gran Cueva Brut Nature Chardonnay which reminds us of a delicious aroma of sweet cream toast with  citric and floral notes and a touch of powdered chocolate.


The candles are presented in 240 ml glasses, each one in an box and have a duration of 48 hours.


They can be purchased in the online store of the winery and in specialized wine and decoration shops.

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  • The Spanish Federation of Associations of Winemakers has published the resultS of the Tempranillos al Mundo contest held from the 8th to 10th  November in Ourense
  • Verum V Family Reserve 2010 is recognized for the second consecutive year with the gold medal which makes it one of the few 100% tempranillos to obtain 2 medals for the same vintage and to add a third gold in the harvest 2009.



November 2016. Bodegas y Viñedos Verum has obtained a new gold medal for one of its premium wines, Verum V Tempranillo Family Reserve. Yesterday The Spanish Federation of Associations of Winemakers announced the list of the best wines in the world made with the Tempranillo variety. In this list Verum appears again as in 2013 and 2015.


The only two vintages for sale to date treassure more than half a dozen gold medals and high ratings in international guides, always over 90 points. It is not by chance that a wine receives such an unanimous recognition



Verum V Tempranillo Family Reserve comes from a single plot, a dryland vineyard planted in low bush in the early 60’s of last century, in a place called “Las Tinadas” with mainly limestone soils and poor in organic matter. Fermentation takes place in French oak barrels where it subsequently ages for 18 months. After bottling, it will have a long process of rounding in the bottle before the wine reaches the market with a minimum of 5 years.



The success of a wine is not only in the vineyard but also  the technical means and last, but not least, the experience of the winemaker; in this case Elías López Montero applies his expertise and knowhow to read the different variables of each vintage to achieve unanimity with the specialized press and the most demanding competitions.



Elías López Montero is one of the most awarded winemakers in Spain. In only 10 harvests leading the project of Verum, he accumulates dozens of international prizes and recognitions both to his wines and to the singlevarietal spirits that he elaborates


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